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Status Saver 2020 - Status Saver Lite

Status Saver 2020 - Status Saver Lite


Save your friends Status or Story re-post it to your profile with Status Saver
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Sharing status and stories are not a new trend any more. People share thoughts, feeling, expressions and experience with other friends by sharing WA statuses. Most of their friends want to share these stories as their own statuses.

Status Saver app provides you an extraordinary feature to save seen statues to your phone. Once you seen your friends status you can easily save it to your phone with help of Status Saver 2019. Online Status Saver app just show you seen Stories of your friends. You can easily saveit to your SD card and can be use in future, when ever you want to share or repost it on any social media platforms.

New Status Saver 2020 required storage permission to save seen statuses to your phone and these permission don’t access to your personal data. Offline Status Saver just show you seen status files to you. These files includes image status and video stories. It is All in one status saver app.

Feature of Status Saver lite:
- Saveit as Images and Save Video Stories
- Repost Saved Status instantly
- Download Video Statuses with in few clicks
- Saved and Downloaded Stories can be seen separately
- User Friendly interface and very easy to use
- Save Stories to your SD card and make status gallery
- Small App size and consume less memory
- Built in Image viewer and video player
- Offline Status Saver and Story Saver App Free

How to Use offline status saver 2020:
- You don’t Save Stories unless you seen it.
- Seen your friends Story and Come to Status Saver app to save that story for future use.
- Watch the story and press download button to saveit to your phone.
- Share saved Statuses instantly Repost to any Social media platform.

- Story Saver 2020 is developed by Androweb and Not Associated with WhatsApp Inc. or any other Third party application. Status Saver and Story Downloader don’t use any clone or hack anything, it just show you saved files.
- Feel free to contact us if you have any query related to Easy Status Saver App.
- We don’t access your private data. We just show you seen status of WhatsApp.
- Please read our Privacy Policy for better understanding.
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Status Saver 2020 - Status Saver Lite
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