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Aviator is a new popular game for mobile phones and tablets. Our development team is ready to present to your attention one of the most difficult, but interesting projects for us. The aviator combines constant adrenaline and difficulty that only a user with a good reaction can handle. You can install the application now!

What features does Aviator have?
The main advantage is the ability to fly a real plane while flying. Our designers have been working for several months to create a pleasant and smooth animation that will accompany you throughout the entire gaming session. A simple and intuitive interface will help you quickly get used to and understand the basics of management.
A team of experts have worked to create a friendly and fun game that will stay in your hearts forever. Together with your friends, you can participate in constantly appearing rounds and complete levels. Our game will be especially appreciated by sports fans who have already missed incredible adventures and adrenaline while watching a match.
Our team decided to combine incredible gameplay with a unique minimalistic design. Here you will not find dozens of unnecessary buttons, because we decided to make the game easier for you and make it really interesting. At the same time, we were concerned about the comfort for people who like to play in the evening. That is why we decided to abandon too bright design and stay on something more formal.
In addition, we were faced with the task of updating and modifying the legendary game, which at one time gathered thousands of players around it. That is why our programmers have implemented the flappy birds mechanics, which will become the basis of your gameplay. We worked especially hard to create separate sprites for each object on the screen. Thanks to this, it will be fun to play even for the tenth time.

What you need to start the game
After several months of development, we are ready to present for you a completely new and unique algorithm that allowed us to optimize all game processes. Now, even with a budget smartphone, you can play our game and get the maximum dose of pleasure. We recommend doing this with your friends so that you can compete for the number of points scored.
For all game elements to function correctly, you just need to have a mobile device with a touch screen and some free memory on the device. This will be enough for fast functioning without freezes and lags. The designers also tried to create unique visual elements that would be attractive at the same time and would not overload the processor with unnecessary information. Even a couple of megabytes is enough to download!

What is the Aviator
Immediately after downloading the application and clicking on the icon on the desktop, you will see the main menu of the game. To start earning points, you need:
The first step is to click on the start button to access the game session.
After that, skillfully control the plane, which will constantly try to descend.
Try to collect bonuses as often as possible and avoid obstacles that can bring down the plane to the ground.
After completing the game, you will see your final result and can share it with your friends to try to break your own high score together. We recommend that you use the download button right now and start having fun. You can get this amount of drive and adrenaline only in our application!
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Aviator Game
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