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All Cleaner - Speed Booster, Junk Cleaner

All Cleaner - Speed Booster, Junk Cleaner


boost the memory of your phone, clean junk and get system info for free
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Do you face storage issue while downloading new apps? Is your phone getting hang or slow during games? It is because your storage space is occupied by cache and junk files and you don’t have enough Ram to get maximum phone speed. Super Power Cleaner (Cache Cleaner & Speed Boost ) is Android clean master that always keep your device running like new.

SUPER POWER CLEANER is best android cleaner tool which contains Junk Cleaner, Cache Cleaner, Speed Booster. Make your phone faster than ever.

How does Super Power Cleaner help to improve your device performance?

? Clear cache & junk files to help you give more storage space.
? Optimize memory space and make phone faster by clearing Ram.
? Identify and remove junks, and residual files

Super Power Cleaner (optimizer & Booster) Highlights:

? JUNK CLEANER - Junk Removal (Junk Files)
Android devices automatically creates junk and cache files as you use any of the app. Its super cleaner helps to analyze and safely remove the junk and cache that take up your memory and storage space. Clean with only 1-tap and free up space.

? CACHE CLEANER - Clear Cache
Helps you clean residual cache system files often left by installed/uninstalled apps to free up Android phone or tablet disk space. We recommend to use it at least once in 24 hours.

Its super cleaner detect & delete apps residual junk. Residual cleaner & its residue clean up function cleanup android store space taken by residual files.

? SPEED BOOST - Boost Mobile
A quick phone booster to free up RAM, clean background tasks, providing extra entrance in widget and desktop shortcut. By using this feature regularly, you will get rid of slow phone speed. Use of this feature regularly will also improve your game experience.

Other features include
❤ Phone Status - Check phone status & tune up your Android phone and device specifications.

SUPER POWER CLEANER is compatible with most android phones and systems.

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All Cleaner - Speed Booster, Junk Cleaner
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