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All Status Saver for WhatsApp - Status Saver 2020

All Status Saver for WhatsApp - Status Saver 2020


Whatsapp status saver helps you to download or save whatsapp status story
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WhatsApp status saver 2020 App for WhatsApp is a small bundle for storing the status displayed on your WhatsApp. Status downloader for WhatsApp 2020 uses it to save the love shots, clever shots, and images. The best Instagram status saver application is good for putting away the latest status video, and the other alternative is to refund it to your status without trying to save. It's best to download images and video status without sending their status. Status Saver for WhatsApp helps you download status for WhatsApp easily and quickly without a subscription.
This amazing status downloader stores each status, including all residency images, posts, quotes, and photos in a common format that can be shared on another platform. The images are stored in a separate image folder while the videos are stored in a separate folder. It is the best application to download photos and videos without being asked by the person who posted them to send them. Remember, the uploader would not know that you have downloaded his / her status.
Status Savers for WhatsApp and Instagram, linked in, facebook are fascinating in their role as:
• Very large status saver spares photos and recordings without asking fellow travellers to send them.
• Image and video status download for WhatsApp, as it is a storage for both images and photos
• A status that is downloaded can be deleted if it is not needed
• Report directly to another status
• Save to watch later if you're in a hurry and busy
• Different methods of status recording
• One-click downloads for images or videos
This Android application is a storage space for short stories, images, photos and other status material that provides easy reuse of status in the process of monitoring and reporting on status. No one needs to request application status. Unwanted images or videos can be deleted in status memory.
The images are downloaded in high quality, which can be edited or shared on any platform, while the videos are in the original frame rate in high definition quality.
Some of the additional features of this status saver for WhatsApp are listed below:
1. Easy to understand the design of the application
2. Backup stored histories and status even after 24 hours, although it is eliminated.
3. Restore status effectively
4. Specify an underlying image viewer for the images and a media player for recordings.
5. Save WhatsApp status or stories from your contacts now.
6. Easily save, delete, reset, or share with external applications.
7. Effective redeployment or redeployment even without savings
8. Download images view images.
9. It is a completely free application.
10. Simple settings
How to use it?
• First check the history or status of WhatsApp.
• Open the status saver app, click on image or video to see it in full-screen mode.
• Click on the download icon to save the image / video from WhatsApp Story.
• You can share your picture/video from the WhatsApp Story and publish it again by tapping the Share icon.
This saves status pictures or videos immediately in your gallery!
Download the status saver application for WhatsApp.
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All Status Saver for WhatsApp - Status Saver 2020
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