Auto Memory Cleaner  memory Cleaner, RAM Booster Auto Memory Cleaner memory Cleaner, RAM Booster Install Now
Auto Memory Cleaner  memory Cleaner, RAM Booster

Auto Memory Cleaner memory Cleaner, RAM Booster

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Auto Memory Cleaner Analyse in the background and clean memory daily when need.
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Auto Memory Cleaner: Analyse in Background Processes when the screen turns on.
Remove junk, reclaim space, clean RAM, monitor your system and browse safely. Become the master of your own device with the ultimate cleaning app for your Android!

Optimize and Clean
• Speed up your phone and clean junk safely
• Clean application cache, download folders, browser history, clipboard content and more

It saves the time of memory cleaning manually
Automatically Free memory By open up a screen lock & turning the screen on.

How to use :

Download the app and run the app it analyses and cleans up the memory in the first run and daily cleanup it automatically.

Memory Booster

*Junk Cleaner - Delete unwanted junk files from your phone.
*Cache Cleaner - Clean up your browsing records and cache files.
*Temp Files Cleaner - Clean up temp files on the device in time to free up storage.
*APK Cleaner - Delete the APK files after you install the apps in your phone.
*Empty Folder Cleaner - Clean the empty folder in your device to save memory.

Junk Cleaner

Remove unnecessary cache, residual files, ad junk and much more that slows down your phone. The new cleaning technology will allow you to do it quickly and efficiently.

CPU Cleaner

If your device is running multiple processes at the same time, the phone's processor may overheat and become ineffective. The Junk Removal application optimizes application performance to help the CPU cool down.

Battery Saver

Does your phone consume the battery fast? This happens quite often, especially on older devices. To keep your phone running longer, use the power-saving feature and extend battery life.

Large files cleaner

Find large files on your device and delete those you do not need.

Battery ​​Booster

Optimize running apps to make them work perfectly. It's simple and reliable. You need just tap one button
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Auto Memory Cleaner memory Cleaner, RAM Booster
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