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Detailed Description
This app offers the user of the app to share the location to a selected list either through email or sms or both. This application also includes the feature to share the location through any other secondary application.

In addition, this application offers the following tools: a. Quick access to Clock and Alarm b. Quick access through a touch of button to Flashlight c. Quick on/off switch for sound alarm d. Quick access to Camcorder/Camera, which can also be utilized as a reading glass.

What led us to develop this application?
This app was developed after some personal experiences shared below:

a. children had to wait outside for morning school buses during cold winter days at sub-freezing temperatures and biting winds as the number of bus stops and number of students in our area started gradually increasing within a couple of years.

b. repeated media articles, along with one of our own personal experiences, pertaining to aging related memory loss making it difficult for elderly to keep track of their geolocation.

c. repeated new articles about reduced level of security for quality women, children, and honest men led us to develop our Flash-Defence line of products and this application happens to be one of our initiatives on that front.

In Tamil, this is called "Orey Kallula Pala Maanga", which translates to "One Stone Many Mangoes".

These aspects made us to look for solutions that would be relatively s.m.a.r.t without being complicated that even common people could use without much complexity. This app was developed keeping these aspects into account in our continuing efforts on the safety and security front.

What can this app do and how it works?
Step 1: Click on the location button; which will search and present the Google Maps app, if available. Otherwise, there will be a blank yellow space, while also share a pop-up text to let the user know that this app is missing; This button being a toggle button would close the yellow section upon pressing the button again.

Step 2: On clicking the output listed, if the app is available, it will take the user to the location sharing screen of the Maps app. If the user has not logged in before, the user might have to login through the Google account for the first time. Once that is done, the user can copy the location sharing link through the clipboard, which needs to be pasted back in the app where it says, "Location Link".

Step 3: Then, click the share button to share the link through any third-party application such as, SMS, MMS, Email, and other messaging apps.

Additional Feature:
Unlike our GeoWonder - Where is my Bus app, this application after taking the nature of users into account include additional features such as, limiting the application's functionality and would work only, if the location link is provided. Further, this app offers a quick way to verify (by just clicking the "Location" button) whether the Google Maps app is available on your phone, as the location sharing option would work only when this Maps app is available. Usually, this happens to be a system application in many android smartphones, though need not be a default system app and might require the user to download the application.

Further, this app includes the following click of a button features:

a. Alarm Clock access
b. Flashlight access
c. Sound alarm access
d. Camcorder/Camera access that could also be utilized as a reading glass

Image Credit for App Icon: Image by PIRO4D from Pixabay

Motto of our Mission (MooM)™
Building an ecosystem of,
"Theory & Practice of Everything"

I.AI is a unit of our Global/International AI Research Initiative, AlVaa-SiriNa
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Where Am I WAI?
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