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Become a Minion Quality Assurance Technician, to help produce the best minions.
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Attention sentient beings! You want the best money can buy, and so does everybody else!

Here at Mindroid we boast the best and most efficient Minions this galaxy has to offer! As a Minion Quality Assurance Technician (M.Q.A.T.) of Mindroid you will fly, maneuver, shoot, and power-up our adorable but simple Minions to ensure they meet our ridiculously high and overpriced standards!
We are confident in your ability to take on this galaxy's many pesky obstacles, ranging from killer hunks of space debris to the Cerulean pirates! Did we mention that scoring higher numbers every month than our competition iMins Inc. means we win over more clients thus boosting funds for our research and development team! You bet! This allows us to experiment with new tech toys on our always willing easy to sway Minions, which eventually will lead us to supreme market victory!

• classic fast paced top down shooter action!
• an infinitely large galaxy to explore!
• a cute and highly splatable (non union) Minion!
• multiple life form encounters both good bad and oh so weird!
• and lets not forget explosions! Lasers! (Coming soon!) Power ups that go boom! Did we mention there are lasers involved!? (Coming Soon!) And funny worms with hats! Wow!
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