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Ah, Five Nights at Bear Bear's. The game I created while I was first learning the basics of game development and graphic design.

You may be thinking: Crisp Haxx Co. where have you been? What happened to all the Five Nights at Bear Bear's games in the app store? Why are you RedFlameInc. now? It doesn't matter anymore as Five Nights as Bear Bear's 4 is now in production and my goal is for this to be the best game of the series. After my long, long hiatus I have taken many programming classes and improved my graphic design skills so the game should feel and look as fresh and crisp as ever.

Just a heads up: I expect this game to be the FNaBB game to end the FNaBB games. I do not plan to continue FNaBB after this game. But don't let that get you down. I may just release some remasters of the original games ;)

This page is only to spread awareness to all the FNaBB fans out there (if you still exist) that FNaBB 4 is happening and will be scary, spoopy, and especially hilarious! I do not have any ideas for the fourth yet. I'll just have to search for my original FNaBB 4 development sketches I made 2-3 years ago.

Spread the news! The planned release date is hopefully before summer if not sooner!
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February 4, 2021Version History
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Five Nights at Bear Bears 4
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