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GIF Master - GIF Editor、GIF Maker、 Video to GIF

GIF Master - GIF Editor、GIF Maker、 Video to GIF

GIF Maker & Video AfterEffect Editor

The first mobile software to support AE keyframe animation, 3D animation maker
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Features include: AE animation, video to GIF, GIF crop, gif compression, gif composition, gif Collage, mask animation, shape animation, text color stroke width, etc.

Exclusive features:
★ Cutout: Supports matting GIF, and video. It is no longer a simple green-screen matting. You can easily remove complex color background pictures.
★ 3d: One-click settings for 3D effects of pictures / videos / GIF / text and shapes
★ 3d map: customize the display effect of each side of the 3d layer
★ Mask: There are 25 kinds of masks by default. You can also use the pen tool to define the mask shape and the shape of the mask can be generated based on the edges of the transparent picture.
★ Mask animation: You can make keyframe animations of the path, expansion, scaling, rotation, position, and transparency of the mask
★ Shape: Supports key frame animations such as fill color, stroke color, path, trim path, dashed line, position, scale, rotation, transparency, etc.
★ Text: You can make keyframe animations such as text range animation, color, gradient, stroke, word spacing, line spacing, etc.
★ special effects: support the adjustment of key frame parameters of special effects, make your own exclusive special effects
★ Adjustment layer: You can control multiple different layers at the same time to move, rotate, scale, copy and make key frame animations at the same time.

Powerful editing functions:
★ Picture to GIF: Support multiple pictures to GIF
★ Video to GIF: Support any format video to GIF
★ Frame Editing: Support refined frame-by-frame editing
★ Speed: fast and slow adjustment, accurate to 1 / 8x-8x
★ GIF Reverse: Set GIF Reverse with one click
★ Repeat: Make funny GIFs that play back and forth
★ GIF compression: One-click compression of GIF, fast and HD
★ GIF cropping: You can crop out the extra parts around the GIF picture
★ GIF Synthesis: Supports the synthesis of GIF pictures and GIF pictures
★ GIF Collage: Support multiple GIF pictures on one screen
★ Text Animation: Text animation can be freely matched and combined, multiple text animations can be added to a group of text at the same time
★ Text color: you can customize any pure color and gradient color
★ Text texture: You can set still image and GIF image texture for text
★ Local Fonts: Supports importing local fonts for free
★ Stickers: Support for free import of local pictures as stickers
★ Fusion Mode: Multiple color mixing modes-color deepening, multiplying, screen, soft light, strong light, etc. to create double exposure art
★ Flip: Set the layer to flip vertically and flip horizontally
★ HD: generate HD GIF pictures without loss
★ No Watermark: Free to generate, no watermark
★ Resolution: free definition of resolution

New features are coming
3D models: Add various 3D models to easily create various 3D stereoscopic animations
Transitions: Add various interesting and cool transitions
Subtitle recognition: One-click recognition and generation of subtitles based on artificial intelligence
Path animation: objects can move along any path you set

GIF Master is a professional Android mobile video editing software with powerful editing functions. With GIF Master you can make all the animation effects
If you have any questions or suggestions, please email us, thank you for your support!
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GIF Maker & Video AfterEffect Editor
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GIF Master - GIF Editor、GIF Maker、 Video to GIF
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