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Barcoding Scan - QR code, Bar Code Scanner

Barcoding Scan - QR code, Bar Code Scanner

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Easy and smart price scanner barcoding scan. Scan QR code barcode now
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Barcoding Scan, a powerful QR reader & bar code scan for free that supports all kinds of major barcode formats including price tag, coupons & albums-scan, price scanner free..., satisfying all your needs of code scanning. better to bar codes for free in a much easy way!

Barcoding Scan is a powerful easy bar code scan for free app; simply point to QR code or barcode you want, and it will detect and scan automatically. No need to press any buttons, just take photos and price scanner free.

Barcoding Scan is an essential bar code scan for free app for every Android device smart scanner.

Main Features of Barcoding Scan
● All-in-one:
Scan QR codes and bar codes for free (all 1D & 2D code types) to get Text, price scanner free, Links, Contact info...
● Smart & Fast:
Many options in Barcoding Scan. Reading, generating, sharing and so on. supported types: Email, Contact, Calendar, Geo,URLs, Text, SMS, WIFI connection, ISBN, Phone number) smart scanner
● Generated QR code
Now you can generate your own QR code, bar codes for free and share it with friends and family, after-QR generated.
● Document Scanner supported: smart scanner
You can scan documents to PDF files in portable way.
● Flashlight supported:
Use the flashlight on scanning to avoid the invalid QR Barcoding Scan in the dark.
● View history:
Barcoding Scan history will save your QR/barcodes scanned, you can easily view your scan history at any time.

How to use Barcoding Scan Scan
To scan the QR code, simply open the application, align the code. QR Code Reader will automatically recognize any QR code. When scanning the QR code, if the code contains a URL, you can open brower to the site by press brower button . If the code contains only text, you can instantly see.
You can easily scan a jar of something you want to buy, or some information you wish to save… There are many scenarios of using this App, try to discover its new usage for yourself, it will be fun!

We are dedicated to your perfect experience, your meaningful feedback will be very valuable to us. If you have any issue or suggestion, please feel free to contact us.

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Barcoding Scan - QR code, Bar Code Scanner
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