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QR Code Scanner Barcode Scanner, QR Code Reader

QR Code Scanner Barcode Scanner, QR Code Reader

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Fast, Free QR code reader, QR code generator, barcode scanner for all formats
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Free QR code reader easily SCAN & CREATE all types of QR codes/barcodes, including Wi-Fi, contacts, URL, products, text, books, E-mail, location, calendar, etc.

Free, fast, simple, and easy to use!?

It is both a barcode scanner to scan QR codes/barcodes (decode information), and a QR code generator to create QR codes (encode & encrypt information).

Just open the app, point camera to the QR code, Free QR Code Reader will auto recognize , scan, decode it, and instantly display the result with options for the next operation. If the result is a phone number, you can add it to your contacts or dial this number; if the result is a Wi-Fi network, you can connect✅ without entering the password...

Powerful barcode scanner allows you to scan product barcode in stores, view product details and compare prices online. You can also scan promo/coupon codes to get discounts?.

As a QR code generator, it allows you to create, save and share your own QR codes. Create QR codes for Wi-Fi, URL(Include YouTube, Facebook...), phone number, text, contacts, etc., and share with friends.

Why Choose Free QR Code Reader?
★ Easily scan and create QR & barcodes
★ Support all QR & barcode formats
★ Auto zoom
★ Privacy safe, only camera permission required
★ Super fast QR code/barcode decoding speed
★ Scan QR & barcodes from gallery
★ Scan history saved, easily search scan history at anytime
★ Flashlight supported
★ No internet connection required

How to Use
1. Point the camera to the QR code/barcode
2. Auto recognize, scan and decode
3. Get results and relevant options

*Support All QR & Barcode Formats*
Instantly scan QR code, Data Matrix, Maxi code, Code 39, Code 93, Codabar, UPC-A, EAN-8...

*Price Scanner*
Scan product barcodes in stores and compare prices online.

*Auto Zoom*
No need to zoom in/zoom out, scan far away or small QR codes & barcodes easily.

*Flashlight Supported*
Easily scan QR codes & barcodes in dark environment.

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QR Code Scanner Barcode Scanner, QR Code Reader
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