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Secure Folder  Folder Lock 2020

Secure Folder Folder Lock 2020

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Secure photos, audio, videos, docs, contacts, wallets, voice memos, and notes.
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Do you have pictures or videos that you simply want to stay it secret? 'Secure Gallery'(Hide pictures & videos) can hide(lock) pictures and videos for cover of your privacy employing a password or pattern! Why don’t you begin to cover pictures and videos with 'Secure Gallery' and keep your privacy safe now?

✔ Hide(lock) pictures and videos to stay your privacy safe
✔ Fastest and most secure private gallery
✔ Manage your pictures and video(new folder, move, copy, rename)
✔ Support Sdcard(Android 7.0 or later)

Hide and password protect pictures, videos, documents and the other file on your device with secure folder.
Secure folder is in a position to encrypt files of any type or length and nobody can use it without your permission. The folder is password protected, therefore only you'll de-crypt the encrypted files. With secure folder you'll protect your business documents, videos, music, photos, and other personal files from snoopers.

With FileSafe - Hide File / Folder easily hide / lock your files / folders and access them easily employing a secret PIN code. Now you'll easily share your phone without fear about privacy. Easy to use File Manager / Explorer like interface to browse files.

■ Features :

➦ Hide(lock) pictures (Photos)
➦ Hide(lock) videos
➦ Support Fingerprint
➦ User friendly UI
➦ Un-hide pictures and videos
➦ Automatic Capture Intruder Selfie
➦ Manage pictures and videos more easily
➦ Stealth mode supported (hides a launch icon)
➦ Slide show supported
➦ Support 3 lock type : password(number, character), pattern
➦ Support to form new folder
➦ Select Background of Gallery
➦ Support Image Viewer
➦ you'll show a publish media
➦ you'll directly share hidden media in any app
➦ and much of More features
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Secure Folder Folder Lock 2020
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