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This is a completely new and updated version of the popular Time Clock Helper App. This app quickly gives you the number of hours worked for a collection of days - or just a single day. The app is based on the operations of a standard time clock, while also allowing you to add multiple break times if needed instead of being stuck at a standard four punches per day. Also, unlike many time clock apps, this app allows you to set the rounding you need from 0, 6 or 15 minutes rounding periods.

If that wasn't enough, the app allows you to change many aspects of the display in order to meet your needs. You can set everything from the way the hours are displayed (either as a decimal or an hour and minute breakdown), to if you display individual punches with the list of days or not.

Some of the features in this app:

* The ability to handle multiple breaks
* The ability to edit old punches - including the recorded date.
* The days are always kept in date order no matter in what order they were entered.
* The ability to delete punches and recorded days.
* An instant total showing how many hours worked along with hours on break.
* The ability to handle punches that go past midnight.
* The ability to round punches to the 0, 6 and 15 minute increments.
* Fully supports dark mode.
* Allows you to either print or email all of your recorded punches.
* The app is easy to use and self-explanatory.
* The ability to change settings to update your display for your liking.

Please take the time to review the app if you find it useful.
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Time Clock Helper - Advanced
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