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Domestiq is for Peloton PowerZone users who want to achieve their best FTP test score.

PowerZone training is the best way to improve your fitness on Peloton. The key to PowerZones is the FTP Test - the results of the test determine your zones, and having accurate zones makes your workouts more effective. The problem with the FTP Test is that it is very difficult to properly pace yourself - start out too fast and you'll burn out before the end; start out too easily, and you'll finish with fuel still in that tank. The Domestiq PowerZone FTP Test Pacer guides you to the output score you want to achieve.

This app is most useful for riders who have some idea what their FTP Output score is - if you are just getting started, we recommend just taking the test and doing the best you can. That will help you understand the tremendous value of having a pacing aid.


There are three steps to using the app:

1 - Set your FTP output "goal"
2 - Select your ride "strategy"
3 - Follow the prompts to synchronize the clock on the app with the clock on your Peloton Bike

Step 1 - Your Goal

The objective of the FTP test is to exhaust you in 20 minutes. Setting your goal in the app is as simple as taking your current FTP score and bumping it up - you have an idea of your fitness relative to the last test, and you know how easy or hard your recent Power Zone rides have been. A strong increase would be 7-10% compared to your prior score. Remember that the app just paces you - when you get to the last two or three minutes, you'll want to just go all out. The FTP Pacer makes sure you have the best chance to succeed. Enter your goal - the app with do all the math for you.

Step 2 - Your Strategy

The app offers several strategies for taking the test based on the experiences of many Power Zone riders. Example strategies include: a steady pace for the entire ride, a pace which increases steadily from below your goal to above it, a three or four "stair step" approach, and a "Zones 4-5-6" medley. There is no "correct" answer - think about your riding style. The app will show a graph of what your ride will look like.

Step 3 - Synchronize

If you know your goal and strategy, the app is very quick to set up. After your warm-up ride, get to start screen of your test on the Peloton, and get to the Pre-Ride Checklist screen on the app - it's the screen that comes up right after you select your strategy. Hit Start on the app, and it will tell when to hit Start on the Peloton. From there, just follow countdown until the test starts (and get up to speed for the start) and off you go. The Domestiq PowerZone FTP Test Pacer will show you the needed output all the way, and show your your progress towards your ultimate goal.

You need to be able to see your phone while you are riding - a nearby table or, optimally, a bicycle mount, is all that is necessary.

After the ride is done, the app will ask if you hit your goal or not. We anonymously upload your data as part of a project to try and determine what the best strategy is. No personal data about you is stored. We do ask you for your email address if you want product updates - this is completely optional.
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