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Durak russian card game

Durak russian card game

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Game with one deck of 36 cards. Cards are ranked 6 7 8 9 10 J Q K A (ascending order).The deck is shuffled, and each player is dealt six cards. The bottom card of the stock is turned and placed face up on the table, its suit determining the trump suit for the current deal. For example, if it is the 7 of diamonds, then diamonds rank higher than all plain-suit cards. The rest of the pack is then placed on half over the turnup and at right angles to it, so that it remains visible. These cards form the prikup.
The turnup remains part of the prikup and is drawn as the last card. Cards discarded due to successful defences are placed in a discard pile next to the prikup.The player will be the first attacker (note that there is no obligation and player can take attack to program pressed PASS button). The player to the attacker's left is always the defender. After each round of attack play proceeds clockwise. If the attack succeeds, the defender loses their turn and the attack passes to the programm on the defender's left. If the attack fails, the defender becomes the next attacker.

A trump card of any rank beats all cards in the other three suits. For example, a 6 of trumps beats an ace of any other suit.
The attacker opens their turn by playing a card face up on the table as an attacking card. The player to the attacker's left is the defender. They respond to the attack with a defending card.
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Oct 14, 2021
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Oct 14, 2021
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Durak russian card game
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