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Turn-based Taylor - Retro RPG

Turn-based Taylor - Retro RPG

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Release Date: 2022-06-26


70.27 MB

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Taylor the dog lost his pack and must find it again!

Turn-based Taylor is a retro-looking mobile game with a strategic turn-based battle system.

You play as Taylor the dog, who has lost his pack and must find it again. With the help of a mysterious NPC you travel across the land to find a way back to your pack. You collect snacks by defeating animals and with these snacks you can raise your stats, when you visit one of the gold cups. These gold cups serve as checkpoints and are always worth a visit.

The main components of the battle system are attack, defense and recovery. Use your stamina to attack and to defend yourself from attacks and then recover your stamina. Strategic planning is important, as you can't defend yourself without stamina, so you shouldn't simply attack, but plan your action depending on your enemies' decision.

Taylor's advantage is his reaction time: You can foresee the enemies' attack one turn before it strikes. Plan your actions depending on this knowledge!
Find new attacks and master one or more of the four attack types: Physical, Ground, Water and Wind.

Meet many NPCs, defeat different enemies in large regions, solve puzzles in caves, forests, snowscapes and more, and eventually find a way back to your pack... if there is one!

Is this game for you? There's a free demo of Turn-based Taylor out now!

Languages: English, German
Turn-based Taylor - Retro RPG 0.9.3 Update
2022-06-26Version History
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Christopher Schwarz
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Turn-based Taylor - Retro RPG
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