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Outplay us Thoughtful Klondike

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Release Date: Jun 27, 2022

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Wondering where to go next in your Klondike journey? Wishing there was a simple enjoyable time-killer "just like Klondike" but with a richer gameplay and more space for thought? Well, Thought-ful Klondike might be exactly what you're longing for. (No surprises there!)

You already know and love a good game of solitaire, but how do you like being interrupted every other hand by an unavoidable ad? Either you won, and your good streak is cut short by a talking tube of toothpaste or some such nonsense, or you lost and instead of an immediate return game you're held back by the umpteenth corporate conglomerate telling you something about who knows what ... Is that really a desirable gaming experience?

At Outplay us! we're almost as proud at what we DON'T offer you as to what we DO deliver to you:

:-) An engaging, well-made, easy-to-use card solitaire, as free of bugs as we can make it (and if you find'em, we'll fix'em!)

:-) Supporting as many "old" devices as we find feasible. iPod Touches 9.3.5 and above welcome (9.0+ might work, but a 5th gen with 9.3.5 from 2012 is the oldest one we test regularly. And we do regretfully know iPods 1st gen don't work: trust us, we tried!)

:-))) Several modes of play, without unlocks or in-app purchases.

8-))) As many rounds as you want, with no unwanted interruptions. Ever.

O:-) No data collection of any kind, no calling the "mothership" to tattle on you.

It's your play time. Your most valuable time. Don't waste it on unpleasantries.

Outplay us! Klondike © Outdo Tech LLC 2022. All rights reserved.


This app offers the highest level of privacy for users of all ages, young and old. In particular, this app does not store, transmit or share any user, device or network data, not even the device's IDFA (IDentifier For Advertisers), nor it stores, transmits or shares any analytics. The app does not allow IAP (In-App Purchases), nor displays third-party ads. It does not support online interactions, and never connects to the internet or to any other network.

About Outplay us!

Outplay us! is a privacy-mindful, player-first line of games for active minds. If you enjoy Outplay us! Klondike, you might also like some of the other games from our growing portfolio:

* Outplay us! Thoughtful Klondike: Klondike, but starting with all cards visible, as if you had X-ray vision. You still need to remove all the obstructors before you can play a card from the tableau, but now you have complete ("perfect") information from the start of the game. For iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

** Outplay us! Flexcell: our take on the popular freecell family of solitaire card games. For iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.
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Requires Requires iOS 9 or later
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73.6 MB
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Jun 27, 2022
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Jun 27, 2022
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Outplay us Thoughtful Klondike
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