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The Browser for ROBLOX

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Release Date: 2011-11-21


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With this new application you can simplify the process of browsing the ROBLOX website to check and view your:
Friend Requests
Place Visits
Forum Posts
Profile Views
Voting Accuracy
Currency Exchange Information

My browser works of of the same API's as a windows ROBLOX browser and The ROBLOX Browser Mac app.

With these API's you can see who else is currently using the browser and what ROBLOX page they are looking at (in a list).
Also, the ability to see user ratings of a game with stars (5/5 is best) when you go to a game page. This database is just beginning, but with the write a review feature you can review you favorite games and leave a star rating and a message. The mac and windows share APIs so the experience almost identical.

This browser lets you freely browse the web and see your ROBLOX stats such as Tickets, Messages, Robux, and Friend Requests in a sidebar.
In addition to those features, there is the ability to open multiple tabs.

Most importantly, you can open additional windows to:
See you "Name Card" which displays your profile stats and user picture (ex: Place Visits #).
Monitor Currency Exchange with a window that displays the current rate, spread, and high/low.
Open a window to see the latest ROBLOX browser news.
Write a new review for a game.

Lastly, there are quick links to get to the most important pages on ROBLOX (located in a top toolbar with buttons that open windows listed above).

Updates will be released soon to add even more features to this app!

This app is SECURE, your account data is SAFE and never actually is processed by the app itself.

Please leave a review or contact support with any questions, suggestions, or problems. Thanks!

Please note that a ROBLOX Account is needed and use of this app. All features of this Application require an Internet Connection.

This App and the App makers are not associated with content contained in this application and/or the respected owners and or licensers. All trademarks, property and copyrights belong to their respective owners, namely ROBLOX.
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The Browser for ROBLOX
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